Thursday, November 30, 2017

Art Of Rocks

Art Of Rocks

Lo: For the last two weeks we have been panting rock and design our rocks and here some drawing i have done for my rocks.

First we started a plan of what we are going to do on our rock and then we put our plan on our  and this is what I made. But next time I could take more time with what i'm doing because i wen out of the lines.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rock Art

Rock Art
W.A.L.T for the last week we have been learning about the art of rocks and patterns for the rocks we also learnt the meaning behind the Mario patterns.

Some of then patterns we have done was the Koru, Niho Taniwha, Mangopare, and Ritorit and most of them mean strength and new life. first we coated then rock in paint and started to draw on the paper so wen it comes to the drawing to the rock we know what to do. Here is some picture I have done.

We made the picture with paper and a pencil then we panted the rock with paint and then we learnt about the pattern or drawing and it was fun. But next time I could fix up my drawing and my spelling.

If you want to make a rock art panting you need a flat rock and paint and make shore you have a pencil with you and you just need to paint the rock and then drew your pattern\ and then you need to pant it.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


We planted 4 planted 4 kinds of seeds these were
We are going to see how long these seeds take to germinate once they they have grown we will be able plant them again.