Friday, February 14, 2020


What does it mean to be a good mathematic?

Not getting everything right making falts or incorrect answers 
Working at your own past and trying to understand what the process is... 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The different human rights

L.O. We are learning to learn about different human rights and how people wore treated in the past and how it has changed.
30 different human rights

  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom
  • To do what you want 
  • To marry and have a family when you want 
  • Right to education
  • Right to travel
  • To say what you want 
  • Own what you want
  • Right to vote
  • To  be treated equally
  • To feel you belong where you are
  • Freedom of what you want to do at work
  • We are all born free
  • Right to life
  • No torture
  • No slaves 
  • We are all equal before the law 
  • Where all innocent before gilt 
  • Right to privacy
  • Freedom to move
  • Right to seek a safe place to live 
  • Get paid
  • The choice to be government 
  •  Right to rest
  • The law is the same for all
  • Choice of religion 
  • The free do develop new skills
  • Rights to buy
  • Rights to eat what you want
  • To respect others in public

Friday, November 1, 2019

The moon landing

 The moon landing is fake it would be technically impossible to land on the moon because the earth is flat there is a giant ice wall stopping us from flying off the earth and NASA is photoshopping all the photos making it fake and there a big dome stopping us from flying into space. Space is faked NASA thinks that by putting telescopes on the floor they think they finding planets but rely when they are just looking at lights on to of the dome. Weather is fake we have put sprinkles on top of the dome making it rain and clouds are floating bits of foam. to stop the ice wall from melting at night we put a freezer over the ice wall.


Monday, October 21, 2019


In social studies, we are learning about sustainability and how it is infecting us and how it impacts the environment.
Learning objective 
The way people manage resources has an impact on the environment and social sustainability

In this unit we will be learning about how people perceive, repressive represent, interpret, and impact with places and environments you will learn more about the relationships between people and the environment.


.Natural Resources.
Are provided by the Earth and we can use them to support human life. Things like water, Trees, soil and iol are all natural resources.

.Man made Resources.
Are things made by people and not provided by the Earth and some things are clothes foods such as cakes and stuff and houses…

Air pollution
Polluted water
Burning tyres
  1. Plastic, bags, drink bottles are getting in to our ocean water and is killing our marine life and it is also killing us because of microplastics is the breakdown of plastic and it gets into our waterways and when we drink the water it fills our lungs up with micro plastics.

  1. Air pollution- Cars,Factories are producing bad gases and they are getting into the atmosphere and breaking it down into nothing and making it higher to get cancer and it's gonna make it harder to breath

  1. We are using to many of our nature resauses.
  2. Humans
  3. Planting more trees and recycling old phones and paper
  4. We need to pick up rubbish, plant more trees and recycle instead of littering.
  5. Do later

B. We as a community are causing so many problems and one day it will come to the point where life is not suitable for us to live here we are cutting down to many trees  making less oxygen for us and killing too much of our marine life making a shortage of sea food and we are slowly running out of food by cutting down trees and killing our animals it making a shortage of food. We are running out of our natural resources by cutting down trees and air pollution is becoming a big problem because of factories.  But we as a community can also stop what we have started by planting trees and cleaning up the ocean/ picking up rubbish, and recycling and putting rubbish in the bin...

Friday, October 18, 2019

Acid Rain

Acid rain forms when a chemical compound like sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide has been released into the air. these chemicals can reach a very high point mixing in with the water vapor and as they go up it forms into a chemical cloud and as the water/ chemical vapor builds up the cloud becomes denser making the water heaver forming rain/ acid drop's when they become rain/ acid drops it rain down on to the plant, lakes, rivers, and building below making the plants dry/ hard the foods like apples and stuff become dryer and harder than before and making the buildings crust and easy to break and as the acid rain gets in to our waterways it kills our fish and making the water unsafe to swim in.

on the 17th of oct, we did an experiment involving acid we put an apple, a baby flower peddles, calcium carbonate, universal indicator, bromothymol blue all on the outside of the petry dish when we put them all in with the acid the 

Monday, September 9, 2019


in this video is about me and my progress on the mini-tramp.

the thing's I could of done better is not spinning of the tramp and Trina jump higher one good thing is that i have the flip done i just need to spin when im upside down...

Friday, July 26, 2019

Aim. To test if a sample of food contains complex sugars

1. place about 2 mL of the sample in a test tube
2. Add 3-55 drops  of iodine and mix it

Results. if it's complex sugar (i.e starch) are present the iodine solution will change from brown colour to blue/black if the iodine solution doesn't change colour the no complex sugars are present

Did it work? yes, it showed us if the food contains complex sugar.