Friday, September 9, 2016

Night at the Museum

I am learning to write a narrative about the museum and include a hook and adjectives.

I really liked creating this animation to go with my story because I worked so hard on my story. I also feel like I am getting better at making animations. During the week I thought hard about the adjectives I could use to make my writing stand out.  I hope you enjoy my story. 

Here is my original story...

One dark night there was a Museum, not just any ordinary Museum, an abandoned Museum.

There was a mummy... the king of Egypt. It was me, the boss of the sand and ground. I was the one who made Egypt and my name is Rickey the mummy and I am  the one who has the black bandages all over my body. I come from my sarcophagus.

There was a smash and the glass went everywhere. The Maori got free because they weren’t supposed to smash the glass. “You were supposed to go through the vent,” I mumble through my black bandages. Now the police will think that their was a robber that smashed the glass but there was solution. I could get the builder to fix the glass. A few minutes later the builder came to fix the glass.  One minute later there was no sign of glass anywhere at all but it was day time and the time to go back home to my sarcophagus.